Clinical situation:  diabetes

Clinical situation: diabetes



Chronic illness refers to those diseases which are either long-lasting or persistent Disease that are chronic normally takes a period not less than three months.  These are thus diseases which   lead to suffering of the individuals for sometime. The number of people suffering from chronic illness is increasing at an alarming rate, making the issue to be of major concern in many countries. Perhaps this is due several factors which include the increased poverty level and dietary changes in our daily food and nutrition practices.  Research information has shown that there are many people allover the globe that are said to suffer from chronic illness. (Peirce, 1999)

Chronic illness attack all range of age groups. However, these vary from one type of illness to another. There are those chronic illnesses which might be common among the infants and these might be very different from those which are common among the adolescent and the adults as well as the aged persons. In the United States, it is said that 1 out of every 2 individuals have got the problem of chronic illness. A number of these chronic conditions are established as potentially killer diseases. There are scores of people in the united States that are languishing in the painful conditions of high blood pressure, respiratory problems and diabetes among others. (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002)

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The problem of diabetes is referred to be one of the serous diseases that attack human beings. The diabetic conditions arise from the malfunctioning of the liver leading to improper utilization of the insulin. The body functioning are corrupted such that it fails to utilize the insulin it produces or the fail to produce the hormonal insulin. The malfunctioning of the body systems concern with the hormone jeopardizes the control measures of the glucose or sugar level in the body. The diabetic condition is categorized into two having type 1 and 2 diabetes. The type one condition is attributed to the body making insulin by failing to make use of it. It is a condition which is common among the young children and adults; however, this problem can attack anybody regardless of age.  The type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the person’s body produces the hormonal products but these are poorly utilized in the body. This condition dawns of mostly when the person is forty plus years. But like in the other case the disease can affect people of all ranges. (Peirce, 1999)

The problem of diabetes has some challenging parts of the human life. The principal concerns is the way of preventing and treating the disease. Depending on which type of diabetic conditions, the treatment and prevention processes may differ from each other. The first diabetic type of condition is very much dealt with through the employment of daily insulin injection shots. In cases where these products are hard to get them, then the diabetic condition needs to be addressed by using special meals to combat it. The injection of the insulin shots together with the treatment through meals reduces this problem by 5-10%. (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002)

The management of the second diabetic condition can be prevented by the engagement of oneself into some physical exercises. However, this is complicated by the fact that it is hereditary attached. Despite of it being hereditary transferred from one generation to another; the condition is easily tackled through doing much of exercises. This leads to dramatic loss of fat accumulation in the body thus, the practice of exercises leading to reduction of body weight in the natural means. However people who experience this particular problem are bound to get aid through administration of drugs.  (Peirce, 1999)

Signs and symptom

The signs and symptoms of the diabetes problem is very dramatic. They appear suddenly and in the same way they elapse. This is especially for those people with the type one diabetic. The diabetes problem of the type 1 is initially indicated by increased release of urines. As result of the increased release of urine, the individual develops feeling of thirsty which is in excess.  Other symptoms which a         re common in the type 1 diabetics is the feeling of fatigue, tiredness,   blurred vision, infections such as irritations of the genitals and increased appetites together with loss of weight. (American Diabetes Association, 2004)


The type 2 diabetic symptoms are frequently delicate. They arise most in those people who are of old age hence; they are associated with aging and obesity. The disease is said to be mild such that many people would always live with it for many years being unaware. The situation brought by the presence of .high glucose in the blood while the ketones are very few. (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002)

Preventing diabetes and its implications

The prevention of diabetes is very vital. This involved the controlling of all those diseases which directly and indirectly contributes to the diabetic conditions. This is because the diabetic problems are associated with other disease problem that is much lethal to the man life.  As research reveal, the problem of diabetic is aggravated by the lack of knowledge by most of the people. Many people are living in a situation of being ignorant of the external forces that lead to dangers of diabetic condition. In order curb the problem diabetics, there is much advocacy on the campaign by the physician to ensure that each and every individual get the right knowledge of these factors which contributes to the worsening of the disease. (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002)

Previous studies from research show that the launch of grassroots education programs would help the control the issues by al most eighty five percent. The program of controlling the diabetic issues would incorporate the control of high pressures. This because the controlling  of high blood pressure is of paramount significance in helping the diabetic patients to maintain low risk of heart diseases  together with stroke problem. This also involves impacting knowledge to the people to make sure that healthy kidney processes are not affected due to unhealthy nutrition and food consumption. (American Diabetes Association, 2004)

In the controlling and treatment of diabetic problem, diabetic eye disease must be addressed. People who undergo the life of chronic illness of diabetic often experience eye disease problems.  This implies that as the number of patients with chronic illness increases, there will be an increase in vision that shows trends of correlation with to the diabetics’ increment. Apart from addressing the diabetic problem and its impact to the community from the sight view, there is significant achievement that can be realized from diabetic control. While diabetes arises from hormonal problematic point of view, gaining of weight that is to the extreme proves to be potentially a main trigger of the diabetic problem. There is therefore an eminent need to ensure that medical service providers reach the ways of coping and controlling the ways of weight gain. This is very important by encouraging those implicated person to do some bit of exercise. The assistance of doing exercises is said to reduce the type two diabetic by fifty eight percent. (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002)

The methods used here   is communication

This is very useful in the addressing of the clinical situation. The purpose of this method is that when used correct, people are likely to get assisted with the right information. First and foremost, through the communication method, the person with the chronic illness would be able to get his/her situations over to the physicians. Secondly, the communications between the two would enhance understanding the problem of the patient at better way. (American Diabetes Association, 2004)

The second way is the persuasive method

Persuasion is very important in the addressing of the issue   of chronic illness. This is because it is through empowering the person with the problem in a persuasive manner that the patients would be able to adapt correctives measures. As people with chronic illness may thing of it in negatives way, then, the smooth talking to the individuals form a core to the success of controlling and preventing the diabetic disease.


Diabetes is among the many chronic diseases which is affecting a good number people. The problem is made complex with other diseases making it to worsen. It can be controlled through a number of ways which mostly requires the addressing of issues of those other related illness.


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