Club facility Planning

Club facility Planning

Club facility Planning

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            Once in a while people will like to take a break from work and relax for a while. Different people have different ways of relaxing. One form of relaxation that busy bodies go through is going to clubs where they could relax and make themselves comfortable. One example of a club for relaxation is the Ocean reef club located in the island of Key Largo. At firs this is just a private fishing club but now the business has expanded and they have develop the place to be more than just a place for private fishing.

            Clubs like this that has come a long way because of good management and governance. This is where responsibilities and rights are being shared equally. All units of the system acts responsibly.

When a corporation acts “responsibly,” it means the company is conducting its business activities in a reliable, trustworthy, credible manner. “Accountability,” however, means corporations must adhere to regulatory or legal requirements or otherwise be held liable or face sanctions. The fundamental difference between the two concepts is corporate “accountability” requires independent oversight and enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance, whereas corporate “responsibility” relies on voluntary self-regulation. (2002)

Governance and fiduciary obligations come hand in hand in ensuring that a company is bound for success. Fiduciary relationship does not exist for all, this kind of relationship only exists between when one party reposes, and the other accepts, a special trust and confidence involving the exercise of professional expertise and discretion. Then the obligation to keep up to what is expected of on the company trusted and was given permission by the client to act on his behalf happens.

Four examples of fiduciary obligations will be the obligation to be loyal, impartial, to delegate and to invest.

Being loyal means that club facilities must make sure that their clients are taken cared of with outmost carefulness. On the other hand, when someone is a member of a club, the management also expects that they will go to that club first before considering other.

Human beings are all created by a Supreme Being thus it means that whatever the color of skin or origin, each should be treated with equality. In the business that is service oriented, a company will boost if they will not have any cases of discrimination regarding members of their club. Partiality will even attract more clients.

To delegate means that there should be enough people in a club that will handle clients. Management should invest in things that they know will make everything satisfactory and at the same time will give them an increase in sales.

Codes of conduct, as expressions of value and the operationalization of those values, are an integral part of corporate governance. To compete effectively and ethically in today’s market, global companies must ascertain that their codes of conduct are made culturally coherent to all of their employees. (Wozniak)

Success is nothing if you can not measure it. In an international trade scene, economies of scale will play a critical role in determining the unit cost that will increase returns. Better organizational skills are needed by a management team that is gearing towards success. These factors include how we perceive the environment, time, power, structures and space; the emphasis we place on relationships or tasks, on individuals or the collective; how we think and communicate. Productivity within a team needs to be established for this is critical regarding the success of a company or an institution. Each component contributes to the behavior of the system. No component has an independent effect on the system. The behavior of the system is changed if any component is removed or changed


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