Club Information system

Club Information system


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 Club IT is in its expansion phase and the stage is set for Club IT to implement strategies that will benefit the club in both the short and the long run. The analyses of the club describes that the primary clientele of the club are people who are internet geeks. They are usually millionaires and they own devices like PDA’s, Blackberry’s, camera phones etc. These people prefer online shopping and they are obsessed with internet. The core purposes of club IT at this stage is to focus on these customers and the club want to cater their needs efficiently and effectively. Moreover, club IT wants to implement such strategies that are related to e-commerce and a new business model that can help Ruben and Lisa in achieving their goals.

Club IT’s resources, customers, and supply chain

Club IT posse’s ample amount of resources but the main task is to implement them efficiently. One problem in the resources part is that they lack state of the art technology and they are not able to cater the right clientele. Customers are technologically savvy in club IT but they aren’t catered well because proper information systems are not implemented properly. Similarly, the supply chain although is working fine but lacks technological implementation of state of the art software’s that can handle the supply chain and the supplier effectively. Another major problem with the club is that the club only contains a website and no offers are given to prestigious customers in the form of privileged cards or online ticketing and booking services. Brand loyalty is difficult to create in such circumstances because customers not aware of the fact that what the core mission of the club is and which class are they targeting. This issue arises because they charge quite low in terms of prices and the club includes people who are rich in terms of technology and in term of wealth too.

Solution to issues and implementation of technology

Club IT must revitalize their approach and they must invest in software’s like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply chain Management). They must develop a perpetual inventory system and must keep track of all the inventories that are placed. Club IT must target the needs of the customer and they can offer them online booking and privileged cards. Similarly, these cards can be used to book a ticket and it can be swapped in the machine that will be placed outside that club. Club IT must focus on their customers and they should give online access to the accounts of the customers. Customers would be privileged enough to order food and drinks online and they can get them as soon as they reach the club. The privileged cards would offer discounts to loyal customers and customers can attain all the facilities from their cards. Customers should posses the option to interact with anyone in the club and this option would be given online to customers so that they can easily track that how many people are in the club and how many of them are availing this facility of privileged cards. This option would increase their loyalty to the club and they might access it more with the passage of time.

Proper implementation of inventory management software’s and supply chain management software’s would minimize the deficiencies in supply chain. Elements like point of sale (POS), just-in time inventory and perpetual inventory systems would be used to facilitate the technology issue of supply chain. Similarly, Club IT must target the customers according to their socio-economic class and brand loyalty must be created by offering more services online and especially to those customers that love to shop online.


Thus we can conclude that strategy formulation and achieving operational excellence is the core mission of every business (David, 2008). Club IT posses all the expertise but the only thing that lacks is the implementation phase. Club IT must focus on its customer and they should feed their brand by building customer loyalty through processes like privileged cards, online offerings etc. Various departments like finance, marketing, operations, logistics etc would all benefit from this approach and through proper use of information technology and the internet they can achieve their desired goals.

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