Club IT

Club IT

Club IT

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Club IT is basically a night club that is initiated by two business graduates Lisa and Ruben. The ambience of the night club is great and the entrepreneurs have focused a lot on developing the interior of the club. The financial and other business related records are maintained by the owners but the organization is lacking a proper IT infrastructure and for this reason they have hired an intern and want certain suggestions on the aspects of information technology and what pricing strategies they should adopt.

Club IT’s mission and primary clientele

The mission of the club revolves around the music they offer and they focus a lot on the ambience of the club. Furthermore, the core mission of the organization is to provide a community based environment to its customers where they can meet on regular basis. The primary clientele of the company are youngsters that belong to middle class and those who believe that ambience is necessary for dance clubs.

Club IT’s Information resources

The organization hasn’t focused a lot on information technology and that is the reason why they have hired an intern. They have developed an employee portal which is based on intranet and the employees can see their payrolls, their information, employee of the month and etc. Moreover, in this portal certain factors of budgets, sales and ordering are also included.

The role of the IT department is quite important for an organization and if the policies and procedures that are related to information technology are implemented proactively than the organization can benefit it in both the short and the long run.

Strategies for Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is quite important for every organization and organizations can easily benefit from a competitive advantage if that competitive advantage is of sustainable nature. There are different strategies for competitive advantage like cost leadership, differentiation, innovation, operational effectiveness and customer orientation (Porter, 2008). In this scenario the best strategy that an organization can pursue is the differentiation strategy and a differential element must be initiated in the night club. This would enhance the customer base of the club and customers can easily be retained on a long term basis because that service will not be offered by any other night club.

Through differentiation the organization can distinguish the products from other players and in this way the target market would be more attracted. The differentiation strategy can be pursued in different ways and changes can be made in terms of offering, ambience and etc (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007).

In order to implement this strategy club IT has to conduct surveys and questionnaires must be filled out by the customers. Similarly, informal interviews can be conducted with the customers and in this way their preferences can easily be identified. Similarly, database management software should be used by the organization and through which the organization can maintain a proper data of customers and in order to retain them different promotional messages can be delivered through this database.


Therefore, it can be easily concluded that Club IT is sufficient in other resources but they need to focus on their information technology department. Managing the resources of internet and intranet can be considered as an important element for the organization and that is the reason they must focus on these elements and they must initiate a proper information technology department in the organization.

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