Human Cloning in America

Human Cloning in America

Human Cloning in America

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Political Aspect

            Human cloning technologies even offer possible solution for world peace and other world related problems; in which a person’s entire individuality, skills, memory, and history will utmost be downloaded into an incomparable and most probably more powerful thinking instrument. As such, more intelligent people could think of ways on how to make the world improve and succeed in all its undertakings and its struggle in different crisis nowadays (Kurzweil, 2006).

Medical Aspect

            Human cloning is favored now so that unproductive men can formulate a genetically oriented child. Moreover, they would also decrease the risk of generating children with developmental abnormalities and to know those with problematic epigenetic patterns by screening embryos pre- and post- implantation. Researchers also claim that reproductive science is more complicated in humans, and most of the developmental problems encountered in non-human mammals were because of none-ideal culture circumstances and other connected problems (Hester, 2003).

Economic Aspect

            Biotechnology represents huge commercial and corporate profits in the human medical field. Transgenic lines created for a particular purpose can be established. Lines for the production of therapeutic proteins and lines can be used in transplantation surgery are good examples. By using this innovation, people with defective body organs, would not spend as much time and money for acquiring body organs for transplant (Niekerk, 2005).


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