Identify three business problems that you see at Club IT

Identify three business problems that you see at Club IT

Club IT Part II

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Identify three business problems that you see at Club IT.

There are three business problems that need to be addressed at Club IT. There is no B2B e commerce transaction and there is no B2C e commerce transactions and the supply chain used for ordering food and beverages online is used is not efficient. These ideas and suggestions for Club IT will help make the club business flow more proficient.

Evaluate Club ITs’ resources, customers, and supply chain.

The Club IT marketing team has put together marketing strategies’ to let the community know where Club IT is located and it is designed for your nightclub entertainment needs. Club IT offers dance floors with various types of music and trendy food and beverages of your choice. Club IT also has a gift shop to purchase varies of gifts.

            Numerous nightclub owners attempt to gather a mixture of patrons to make certain the club is full to the capacity so that Club IT can create revenue and stay in business to satisfy the community club’s needs. The customers range from young adult professionals to university students but are commonly open to the public so whoever wishes to party at Club IT is welcome but keep in mind there is a 21 and up age requirements enforced. Club IT has several reliable food chains suppliers to choose from in order to run the nightclubs needs for the clientele. The food and beverage products preferred are kept in data in the interorganizational informational system.

Provide three detailed IT solutions to resolve the three problems.

B2B transactions are doing business online with venders and the company. Purchases are made and you pay in a form of line of credit that will be established with the companies or payments can be made through open orders transaction. The B2B e commerce will be set up with Restaurant Depot for online food and beverage orders.

Restaurant Depot is designed to making shopping for your business easy.  Restaurant Depot is a business where you can order online what you need in order to carry out your day to day transaction .Restaurant Depot knows you have a company to operate and want to make your shopping experience hassle free. All the products are easy to order and prices are plainly marked. Restaurant Depot is a one stop shop and caters to nightclubs, coffee shops, bars, delis and food-service distributors and Restaurant Depot offers services for large and small food and beverage needs (, 2008).

B2C focuses on business to customer transaction within Club IT. Club IT sell tee shirts, baseball caps, shot glasses and glass mugs in the merchandise shop. Also for upcoming events tickets can be purchased in advance to secure good seating. By implementing a B2B website this allows the guess for Club IT to have unlimited self serve services anytime of the day. The software that will be used is Nightclub Genius was designed for nightclub industry only. Employees have control over day to day operations such as menu, events planned and our customers demographic to keep in touch with our patrons. The interactive menu allows you to change and add dishes to the menu and show ingredients. Also this allows the administrator to keep track of the changes and the changes are updated immediately. Event planning is used to keep track of events and this is necessary for effective marketing strategies.  We keep track of our customers so we can offer incentives to boost our company’s sales

Incorporate ERP, CRM, and SCM into your solutions.

According to (n.d.), “ERP software integrates all of your major business processes, which helps ensure consistent data across all your functional departments” (para. 2).  According to (n.d.),

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business philosophy involving identifying, understanding and better providing for your customers while building a relationship with each customer to improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits. It’s about understanding, anticipating and responding to customers’ needs

(para. 2).

 According to (2010), “SCM is Supply Chain Management providers of supply chain management software offering various supply chain management tools” (para. 4).

The software that will be implemented with ERP is Compiere. This best suited software applications for Club IT. ERP business solution will be fully integrated with CRM (customer relationship management). Thus keeps all the departments all in the same accord.  ERP manages companies’ data such as the inventories, purchasing, tracking orders and customers service on the ordering level. CRM is designed to organize customers’ interactions with purchases. Compiere application solutions software computerizes all of your monetary, circulation, sales and service.  All the integrated transaction made sure to run in an efficient manner (, 2010).

Quickens Books application Fish Bowl will be used for the SCM (Supply Chain Management) will be used to manage production losses and help make services accessible to customers by offering automations prompts. Fish Bowl application will also increase the accuracy of inventory (, 2010).

Discuss how the various departments within Club IT may use your solution

In the following departments various applications are implemented to integrate all departmental flows together. ERP manages inventories, product planning, purchasing and interactions with suppliers. CRM improves consumer’s satisfaction. SCM will keep all the vendors information on products up to date and menu availability current.


Club IT is one of the fast growing business in the community and some solutions have been put in place to help the company be more profitable and to run smoothly. Three business problems were identified and addressed and evaluated .Resource, customers and supply chain were integrated with software solutions in the form of ERP, CRM and SCM and in the various departments the solutions were set in place to better serve Club IT.

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