Marketing Promotions of Gap and Ann Taylor Clothing

Marketing Promotions of Gap and Ann Taylor Clothing

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Gap and Ann Taylor Clothes

Marketing Promotions of Gap and Ann Taylor Clothing

Clothing is one of the basic needs of the people. Changing preferences of the consumers when it comes to clothing is fast. The designs and styles always change for the benefit of the customers and the company as well.

 The Gap and Ann Taylor companies are known for its famous clothes they manufactured. These two companies give their customers full satisfaction when it comes to clothing materials and beautiful designs. They studied the patterns to maintain its appeal. Also, they have their own strategies and styles of marketing the clothes for big profit (Wikipedia,2008).

However, the two companies have different types of clients. Gap produces clothes for men and women, kids and adults wherein Ann Taylor produces clothes for women only. Furthermore, Gap maintains their most liked products into middle class consumers whereas in Ann Taylor, the broader type of people who patronize their clothes are more on the luxurious or the abundant users, but both cater the high and low end clients (Wikipedia, 2008).

Both companies have chain of stores internationally. Also, both provide their own websites to promote and at the same time sell products. They also sell through catalogs, gift cards, magazines and advertising programs on TV.

The two companies created a wide range of  patrons who often visit and buy their brands. That is why they are both standing still. They are highly acclaimed manufacturers because of the quality of products they are providing. They are now well established even though, they have ups and downs. They make sure that the trends they offer the customers are on style and last long.


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