Notes How Steinbeck develops the character of Curly’s wife Essay

Notes How Steinbeck develops the character of Curly’s wife Essay

Notes for controlled appraisal: Analyze how Steinbeck develops the character of Curly’s married woman. INTRO. Develops through different subjects and emotions through book. Introduced through males eyes negatively. Gives reader feeling she is promiscuous and unsafe. ‘Tart. jailbait. hobo. First visual aspect in book describes her as flirtatious/temptress. As book progresses the positions on the character alteration from initial perceptual experience. Tries to exercise some power in the hierarchal construction on the spread ( Crooks ) . Above all is shouting out for attending and company. solitariness seals fate.

Subjects in order: 1. No name/negative image. 2. Attractiveness/attention. 3. Loneliness. 4. Tragedy/victim/women in 1930s. 1. Introduced to the reader through the eyes/opinions of the males. Quote. Not one time mentioned to hold a name. Defined by her relationship. non an person. No existent significance. being no existent individuality. Disrespectful. Echo’s how adult females were treated in 1930s hierarchy ( explain ) . No opinions/rights on affairs ; could’ve led to feelings of solitariness and victim of favoritism. Quote. Is above Crooks & A ; uses that power. Quote. Sausages. Quote.

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Fashionable but described unattractive & A ; negative. The manner in which she talks. Quote. Portrayed as weak & A ; delicate. Powerless. 2. Young. Probably doesn’t deliberately mean to come across as a hobo or prostitute. Bored. has cipher to speak to. Her gender. provocativeness & A ; the manner she portrays herself as a enchantress leaves her considered unsafe. Attraction is her arm. no usage as no 1 likes her. Wears ruddy. Quote. Red nails. Brazenness. Reminds reader of Weed & A ; foreshadows things to come ( decease ) . In ruddy when introduced and ruddy when killed. Change of description at decease.

Quote. Sweet. immature and artlessness. Uses it for attending. Gets the incorrect sort of attending. All because of solitariness. 3. From the start Steinbeck uses sarcasm. Soledad/Spanish/solitude. Loneliness. isolation & A ; privacy how she feels. Quote. Privations company. lonely. doesn’t receive love and fondness she needs/a immature misss would desire. Doesn’t understand why cipher will talk with her. Quote. Merely female on the spread. Demonstrates interior feelings. reader sympathises. Quote. In the terminal eventually confides in person. Lennie. leads to decease. 4. Loneliness leads to her tragic decease.

Possible prefiguration of decease through loneliness- explain. Cipher will speak but so when Lennie does it consequences in her decease Quotation mark in a manner seting her out of wretchedness. Introduced as a girl quotation mark no powerful presence from start. miss gives feeling of exposure. Surrounded by all males/only female on spread. Death that of calamity as she tells of bright hereafter promised quotation mark felt betrayed by household to so settle with Curly. Women had no existent calling chances. heartbroken to stop up a homemaker like the remainder. seeking to populate the ‘American Dream’ had hope and really about independency. CONC

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