Personality and Appearance Essay

Personality and Appearance Essay

An individual’s personality is defined by their behaviours. ideas and feelings. Actually. it is the set of mental features that make person unique from other people. Human personality is shaped in different phases of life as a consequence of exposure to different state of affairss. There are some theories about personality.

For illustration. some people believe that personality is shaped and so it is fixed. It means that we can ne’er alter it. However. some psychologists claim that personality is a flexible facet of homo that is easy to alter. However. those who claim to hold a strong personality believe that they have an unchangeable personality which makes them far more powerful. influential. decisive. dynamic and ambitious. They besides prevent others from impacting them that’s why they try to be the leader instead than the follower. Besides. people admire those who have a strong and stable personality because they achieve more things in less clip.

On the other manus. there are some people who have a weak personality. These people have several negative personality traits. For case. they may be impatient. cranky. cautious and. as a consequence. unsuccessful in their life. The ground why they are unsuccessful is that they easy give up hope in the face of troubles. Such a failing can besides impact their behaviour towards other people. Therefore. they need to better their personality by altering it.

How flexible and mutable is human personality? Is it simple to alter it? Although it seems overpowering. it is possible to alter the personality. But we should bear in head the fact that we can non alter it wholly. Even people who are well-equipped with the right tools and information can alter merely a few traits. Psychologists believe that “how to alter the personality” is more of import than “what to changer” . They believe that persons need to believe deeply about their personality before they get started because they get to cognize themselves better this manner.

Besides. they need to alter their attitude toward different life issues if they want to win in altering a certain personality trait. In add-on. they should give themselves adequate clip to believe why they want to alter their personality. Actually. giving yourself some clip lets you concentrate better on different personality traits. The decision is that altering your personality overnight is a practical impossibleness. It is worthwhile to advert that those who want to alter a specific personality trait must be unfastened to other beginnings of aid as they can’t go in front on their ain.

Now let’s trade with the relationship between visual aspect and personality. As you know. there is a direct relationship between them in a manner that good visual aspect greatly contributes to personality growing. and a strong personality affects visual aspect positively. It is worthwhile to advert that both personality and visual aspect indicate human values. The lone difference in this respect is that personality is a better index of human value in the long tally. but visual aspect better shows human values in the short tally. An of import inquiry that may traverse every body’s head is. “Which one is more of import in a relationship. visual aspect or personality? ”

As you know. we need to do friends with people in regardful topographic points such as gym. school or university. We may take some standards into consideration before constructing up a relationship. Two of import standards are the new friend’s personality and visual aspect. Actually. at the beginning of a friendly relationship what comes foremost is visual aspect but with the transition of clip personality additions more importance. The ground why visual aspect is more of import than personality at the beginning at a friendly relationship is that we don’t know what’s traveling on in that person’s head and the lone thing that lets us acquire to cognize our new friend is the transition of clip. Therefore. no affair if you don’t cognize adequate about your new friend’s personality. Keep on your relationship with hits / her and if he / she sounds like an unlogical and unbearable individual. put an terminal to the relationship.

Is it possible to recognize what sort of personality person has merely based on his / her visual aspect? Do you organize an sentiment by what you see in someone’s visual aspect? Some people are easy influenced by the manner others dress and speak. Actually. these people form an unlogical sentiment about others by the first feeling they make. But it is unjust to judge people’s personality based on their visual aspect that’s why people ever say. “Don’t justice a book by its screen. ” Today. we care a batch about those who dress good that’s why everybody likes to care a batch about his / her visual aspect.

Actually. it is good to care about our visual aspect every bit long as we don’t blow our clip and money. How about those who spend an tremendous sum of money on cosmetics and plastic surgery? They are haunted people who want to better their facial and physical visual aspect. They may deny the fact that cosmetics and surgery may present a danger to their wellness. Actually. they may assist you look younger in the short tally. but they make you look older in the long tally. So it might be a good thought to avoid utilizing excessively much cosmetics. Besides. you don’t necessitate to worry about the marks of aging because old age is ineluctable.

There are some other grounds why people like to better their visual aspect. For illustration. those who care about their visual aspect. like to better it because they are frequently influenced by the media. They may endeavor for a better expression because they are affected by attractive famous persons. They besides want to construct up an image I success through an attractive visual aspect. Some people try to better their visual aspect because they believe that if they look better. they will hold a positive rating towards themselves. Another ground why we try to better our visual aspect is that others will comprehend our personality harmonizing to our degree of attraction. and as you know attractive people are frequently associated with positive personality traits. Another of import ground for altering and bettering our visual aspect is that attractive people have no trouble pulling the chances.

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