Scent of apples by: bienvenido n. santos Essay

Scent of apples by: bienvenido n. santos Essay

Long tally operation is all about on how to pull off the Capital budgeting every bit good as the Capital outgos. when we say capital budgeting it is all about on how we are traveling to be after and to command the capital expenditures. and the Capital Expenditures is how we are traveling to decrease the cost and increase the income of the long term. This is the most of import thing for us to cognize the flow of long tally operations. BREAK-EVEN POINT-VARIABLE AND FIXED EXPENSES

When we say break even indicate it is the point where the gross revenues income and the variable disbursals are equal. The variable disbursals is non fixed because sometimes it addition and it decrease illustration of this are the stuffs and labour cost. and Fixed disbursals is the disbursals which is fixed and it remain changeless illustration of this are rent and wages.

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It is the value of money in the hereafter its either in the signifier of productive assets such as equipment or they place in their money in interest-bearing like nest eggs.

The sum of the money should anticipate in the hereafter. And it is all about the capital or principal and the involvement of the money.

PRESENT VALUE It is the present value of money for us to cognize how much we need today to buy the certain point in the hereafter.

ANNUITY It refer the first hard currency that we pay in the certain loans. rentes is normally or normally affect in pensions or other personal loans.

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