The Clipart Directory

The Clipart Directory

The Clipart Directory

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This site is by far the best site for downloadable royalty free images.  With more than 6 million clipart, photos, vinyl-ready images, Web graphics & art, backgrounds, buttons, icons, illustrations, fonts and sounds, you’ll never run out of ways to use content. ( n.d.,  Retrieved November 24, 2006 from  Though they don’t offer free downloads but with the quality of its image collection, you’ll get more than what you paid for.  From its site layouting alone, it already speaks the level of excellence on what they can offer.  Its user interface is well organized and user friendly. It can filter your search from file type, date added, publisher, and even to its color (BW or colored). This is the best site for those who make web sites, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, announcements, labels, e-greetings, web templates, vinyl cutting, routing, engraving, screen printing, mechanical embroidery, holiday and religious occasions and more.  All downloadable files work with Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, Quark, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

The Following are the categories that you can choose in this site.

1. Animals
14. History
2. Architecture
15. Holidays/Occasions
3. Art/Artists
16. Household
4. Art/Entertainment
17. People
5. Business
18. Religion
6. Desktop Publishing
19. Science
7. Education
20. Seasons
8. Entertainment
21. Sports
9. Flowers/Plants
11. Food
23. Tools/Weapons
12. Geography
24. Transportation
13. Health/Medical

( n.d., Retrieved November 24, 2006 from

This website contains about 50 000 free downloadable cliparts collection. What I like from this site is that its clipart are well categorized. It has about 40 categories of clipart and in each category consists of many sub categories. All in all, the entire site consists of 1050 well organized categories and subcategories thus making your image searching hustle free. For a site offering free downloads of cliparts this one is top of the line. This site is useful for students making classroom reports and presentations, and for small time web developers and graphic artist.

The Following are the categories that you can choose in this site.

1. Anatomy
22. Leisure and Recreation
2. Animals
23. Maps
3. Animations
24. Music
4. Architecture
25. Nature and Environment
5. Color
26. New Objects
6. Computers
27. People
7. Countries and Cities
28. Plants
8. Culture and Communities
29. Recreation
9. Dinosaurs
30. Scenery
10. Entertainment
31. Science
11 Fonts
32. Screensavers
12. Foods
33. Sounds
13. Geography
34. Space
14. Habitats
35. Sports
15. Health Care and Medicine
36. Textures and Backgrounds
16. History
37. Things
17. Holidays
38. Transportation
18. Household
39. Travel
19. Icons
40. Wallpaper
20. Illustrations
41. Weather
21. Industry

( n.d., Retrieved November 24, 2006 from )


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