Toddlers and Tiaras: Child Abuse? Essay

Toddlers and Tiaras: Child Abuse? Essay

Toddlers and Tiaras affects childrens’ self-esteem around the universe who believe that they have to populate up to this “beauty” that is enforced by their Mom’s and they have to be as pretty and perfect as these other childs who they see in beauty pageants. I can non happen it in me to back up small misss judged this manner. Beauty? Talent? Making them stand onstage in forepart of a crowd of people where one girl’s dream comes true and the others are crushed? This can non be good for their self-esteem and with kids that immature. they ne’er truly cognize what could stop go forthing an emotional cicatrix. Today there are more than 250. 000 kids who compete in pageants and 100. 000 of those kids being under the age of 13. At a immature age you are influenced by things you see. people around you. and tend to hold function theoretical accounts who are older. Some kids besides strive to suit in with others and desire to be cool by looking merely like these childs in beauty pageants. Toddlers and Tiara’s effects children’s self-esteem by demoing childs being enhanced cosmetically to win pageants at a immature age.

The small misss ( or sometimes male childs ) take parting in these pageants seem to be interested into it. Majority of them say that they love pageants and that pageants make them experience particular until they get spray sunburns ( which are ace cold ) . Hair Extentions ( draw onto your hair ) . tonss of hairspray. dozenss of makeup to the point where they look 20. bogus acrylic nails. forge eyelashes extentions and a ace expensive outfit for their pageant they they must win and they kids start shouting because they’re tired. What happened to natural beauty? Think of the messages that these childs are acquiring from their Ma and Dad’s: “The merely thing that affairs is winning first topographic point. ” “Being beautiful is the most of import thing. ” Toddlers and Tiaras put Mothers in a really negative topographic point visible radiation and they show no understanding for their girls bulk of the clip. This one episode. the parents are moving like kids. and the kids are moving like parents.

This behaviour toward both female parent and kid is sad because this is the existent universe of beauty pageants. American Psychological Association did a survey of kids who had the same outlook of the kids in “Toddlers and Tiaras” Which they stated: “we linked a premature accent on visual aspect with “three of the most common mental wellness jobs of misss and adult females: feeding upsets. low self-esteem. and depression. ” Which these beauty pageants will do long-run effects on small misss who I’m certain believe that their Mom thinks there’s something incorrect with their dentitions if they’re doing their ain girl wear bogus dentitions and coercing them to be perfect and life vicariously through their girl. This is non a manner for kids to populate their childhood merely based on beauty competitions and to merely travel from nappies to tiaras.

Often emotional maltreatment can make far worse harm than physical. and I strongly believe that some of this beauty pageant flexible joints on that mentally and will take a toll on them in 10 to twenty old ages from now. I believe that these female parents are populating vicariously through their girls because their hoping that their misss will acquire the attending they didn’t acquire in their ain lives. The mas try to bring around their hapless self-esteem by doing up and dressing their immature misss in inappropriate of expensive outfits.

They put makeups on their girls. without recognizing that they are. in consequence. pandering out their ain kid. Many critics and viewing audiences see this show as controversial for its “sexualization” of immature kids. Most pageant mas dress their kids immense bubbling frocks or a outfit that can be seen as nil but guiltless. Controversy arose when a pageant Ma dressed her three twelvemonth old in a cocotte costume. she argued that it was nil but a comedic costume based off of Julia Robert’s movie. “Pretty Woman” . Another Toddler. Four twelvemonth old Destiny was besides in a pageant as Sandy from the film “Grease” in a leather jacket and a prop coffin nail.

Beauty Pageants are harmful to society and childs turning up today in the modern universe and should hold a normal childhood alternatively of acquiring their superciliums waxed. I believe a solution for this is to raise the age for beauty pageants for teens and up merely alternatively of yearling beauty pageants.