Why did Elizabeth I pursue a compromised religious settlement? Essay

Why did Elizabeth I pursue a compromised religious settlement? Essay

Why did Elizabeth I pursue a compromised spiritual colony?

The Elizabethan Settlement was intended to set an terminal to the spiritual contention that had developed in the latter portion of the reign of Henry VIII. and had swung from one extreme under Edward VI to the other under Bloody Mary. So. in 1559. Elizabeth created a spiritual colony which would eventually unify her people. Elizabeth didn’t want England to be seen by other states as a topographic point with tonss of spiritual struggle and problem. and so worked difficult to acquire the whole state to take on board this colony. In make up one’s minding this Elizabeth was influenced by a figure of causal factors… The pick of faith would hold effects both at place and abroad. For case. taking to stay Catholic would be give uping power to Rome and would ally England with other Catholic provinces. such as France and Spain. but perchance estrange the Protestant Dutch. who were England’s chief trading spouse. Returning to Protestantism would rag Catholic Spain. the most powerful state in the universe at the clip. and who Elizabeth needed to maintain her delicate friendly relationship with.

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It might besides strike fright into the Black Marias of English Catholics. fearing requital and persecution from Protestant reformists. peculiarly the most extremist. But Elizabeth besides had to believe politically. with her parliament being divided sacredly she couldn’t disquieted either. which greatly effected any Torahs she would desire passing. With the House of Lords chiefly Protestant. and the House of Commons chiefly Catholic she couldn’t ignore either. She needed to set up a national church which would seek to procure the spiritual conformance and attending of as many of her topics as possible. No stable authorities could be where topics accepted the political regulation of sovereign but rejected her faith in big Numberss. it is impossible to divide faith and political relations.

Not merely did Elizabeth hold these factors to believe about. but she besides had great force per unit area on her from others. while the Catholics had to be more close with respects to their activities. the antonym was true for the radicalised Protestants ; most of them had returned to England merely on the decease of Mary and all of them expected great things from Elizabeth. They wanted to acquire England back to how it utilize to be. and being really powerful people now. Elizabeth would necessitate to be wise to maintain their trueness. and non disrespect this. But on the other manus. Elizabeth besides had to remain true to herself. the via media needed to do certain she was happy excessively. how could she govern a state she didn’t agree with? Bing a sincere Protestant herself. and even her at hand birth being the grounds for such spiritual struggle now. all meant that the state couldn’t of all time travel back to being merely Catholic. Elizabeth’s chief purpose was to procure a permanent spiritual colony for her people.

There was small uncertainty that this would be Protestant in line with her ain penchant ; the issue was how Protestant it would be? Her people were already confused and divided by frequent alterations to Religion. and they had already proved themselves immune to alter. Rebellions in the past such as The Pilgrimage of Grace. a rebellion during Henry’s reign about monetary values traveling up and rewards traveling down. There was besides the Ketts rebellion. mostly in response to the enclosure of land. And eventually the Wyatt rebellion during Mary’s reign. who were greatly angered by the proposed matrimony between Mary and Philip of Spain. Elizabeth intended to avoid all hazard of dissent or rebellion.

In decision. Elizabeth’s end was that of a stable. peaceable state with a strong authorities free from the influence of foreign powers. whether in affairs of church or province. She needed to make a stable united state. someplace where her people would back up her. unlike how the county has acted in the yesteryear. As Elizabeth said. she had no desire to ‘create Windowss in men’s souls’ she was merely compromising the fact that if they about ‘pretend’ to follow this one faith. the state will win. merely as Elizabeth said “united we stand. divided we fall” .

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