Clinical Procedures and Practices: Reframing

Clinical Procedures and Practices: Reframing

Clinical Procedures and Practices: Reframing

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            The first case is that of Cathy and Mark, a couple marred for seventeen years but are now separated since the husband was never satisfied. They have been separated for over a year now. In order to help the couple, Reframing was employed. Reframing, once done in the clinical setting, allows the client to look at their problems from different perspectives in order to come up with different solutions and alternatives to help solve or lessen their problems. Mark and Cathy have been married for a substantial amount of time, this means that there must have been something there in order to make the marriage last that long. However, one must also consider the things that went on during the marriage which may have led to the couple’s estrangement. Thus, reframing may be an effective tool since it considers the differences of both Cathy and Mark in the way they see problems and also in the way they approach these problems.

            The facilitator or the clinician is in-charge of facilitating and mediating between Mark and Cathy. As a mediator, the clinician may ask the couple why they separated; s/he must probe deeper into the reasons why Mark was never satisfied or why Cathy nagged constantly. Upon knowing the roots or main causes of their problems, the clinician may then allow the couple to compromise or to think of alternatives and solutions which may help both parties be at ease with each other. Writing down these perspectives and putting their thoughts on paper may then make it clearer for both parties to understand the reasons behind their estrangement and what they can do now to make their situations easier to handle. At this point, the clinician can even suggest ways or ask the clients if they know couples who are in the same situation and how they approach the similar problem. Reframing simply changes how the clients perceive their situation and what they can do to make their situation more manageable.

Clinical Procedures and Practices: Tracking

            Kelly and Mark Beard have been separated for three years. Currently, Mark lives with another woman while he is having a secret affair with his own wife, Kelly. Kelly believes and hopes that Mark will still come home to their house but each time an arrangement is made, Mark comes up with an excuse to put off going back home to Kelly.

         There may be several reasons why Mark puts off coming home to Kelly. But despite putting this off, Kelly remains hopeful that eventually Mark will come home. As a clinician, there are several things that must be known before starting the sessions. Once all of these questions have already been answered sufficiently, the clinician may then proceed to employ role-reversal during the couple’s sessions. It is quite apparent that Mark and Kelly are hiding their feelings especially since Kelly wants him to move back home while Mark puts this off frequently. This dilemma causes stress on their “secret” relationship making it more taxing and draining. Their demands may then build up eventually giving way to less enjoyment and contentment until they finally lose touch. This is when role reversal comes in wherein both are asked to improvise a script with Kelly playing Mark and Mark playing Kelly. This may seem awkward at first but can eventually lead to a lot of insight about each other. This can go on for a number of sessions until enough insight is gained based on the scripts they make as the other. It also allows the couple to better understand their partners and their needs and goals. Both Mark and Kelly can learn how to communicate better through role reversal because through their scripts they learn how to identify each one’s unique way of expressing their thoughts and feelings. This way built-up resentment may also be released in an often humorous and funny light. Since they are required the other, both Mark and Kelly will learn how to listen actively to what the other is saying; a very important element in any relationship.

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