Drama 200 word

Drama 200 word

We started by using a workshop ‘The court room’. This involved Pirandello been taken to ‘Theatre Court’ over several complaints over the style in which his new play has taken. Pirandello’s personal life is key such as; his wife’s mental illness which may have drove him into obsession of the human mind, and how to take the human mind out of its comfort zone. This is truly developed in the opening of his play, by creating a naked stage with no scenery, the use of this ‘naked stage’ creates a sense of everything being bare and open, the way the audience mind would have to be while watching the play.

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Also, during the time the play was written (after WW1) many people where questioning their identity, who they were, and what their purpose in life was, Pirandello thoroughly emphasized this through the ‘6 characters’ in the play, as they too had no names highlighting their lack of identity and their struggle in figuring out who they were. Despite being a fascist Pirandello strongly believed there was more than one way of theatre, and that naturalism was not the only way, this strikes the point that Pirandello may have only been a fascist to become known and have his ideas heard, and the fact that he is now apolitical makes this even more plausible.

i have to fill this space as the essay is ‘too short’ but anyone doing AS-Level drama understands that it is only 200 words per paragraph and this is an example of one paragraph. not sure how to fill the space like so if you’re reading all this i apologize for wasting your time.

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