Holidays Speaking Exam

Holidays Speaking Exam

Can you see yourself in any of these situations?
I can see myself in both situations because I’d enjoy been in whichever of those places. In Mexico, I lived on a Caribbean Island where I used to go to the beach almost every weekend. It was a nice way to relax with your family or friends after a long week of hard work. In the same way, spending vacations on the mountains sounds fantastic. I can imagine myself surrounded by trees, all kinds of animals’ sounds and stunning landscapes while I’m out for a walk. This would be definitely a wonderful place to visit. Why do people choose these places to spend their holidays?

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In my opinion, people choose these places to spend their holidays because they would like to get away from it all and have the holiday of a lifetime. For instance, those who prefer the beach will like to do some water sports, get a tan, play volleyball or do some snorkeling or diving. On the other hand, the ones that prefer the mountains will try to avoid tourists’ traps and go to somewhere off the beaten track. I think that some of the most memorable things about this holiday would be the breathtaking views, for those who enjoy taking pictures, and the peaceful environment. Maybe, if it’s a very well-known place, it can get very busy with crowds of tourists so I’d say to go out of season. It’s certainly not the kind of short break for someone looking for a busy nightlife but if you want to relax I’d certainly recommend it. Where did you spend your last holiday? What was it like?

I spent my last holiday in Spain because I arrived from Mexico during this year’s summer vacations. It was awesome. I visited Madrid’s and Barcelona’s places of interest, and then I came here for San Fermines. Furthermore, I went to the Semana Grande in San Sebastian and finally to some local parties in Pamplona. I’ve liked all the places I visited specially the ones where I saw fireworks because I like them so much and if I have the chance to visit them again, surely I’d go. If you could choose, where would you like to spend your next holiday? I would like to spend my next holiday in Switzerland because it’s a place where I’ve always wanted to visit. It has beautiful waterfalls, very cool places of interest and I’d like to try some winter sports and if it’s possible go to the Geneva Festival which is a summer event that highlights music of all kinds with fireworks and you have the chance to sample local food.

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