A Glimpse on Cognitive Theory of Personality

A Glimpse on Cognitive Theory of Personality

A Glimpse on Cognitive Theory of Personality

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In our daily activity, we get the chance to meet different kind of people from all walks of life. As you have noticed, they have their own individuality that varies one from another, which makes us unique in some ways. There are people who see life in a three dimensional ways and other does just live it the way it is.

Consider the set of friends that you have, you probably have a friend who will let go of his or her special someone just for the sake of love or I bet you know someone will fight till the end until he or she proves his or her feelings. Have you experienced a strict professor who rigorously follows the deadline and a teacher, who is very lenient and very considerate, you will encounter all this and sort of things like this for one obvious reason, it is because people has a diverse personality.

There a lot of psychological beliefs and theories have been introduced about people’s behavior and personality since then. One of those is, The Cognitive Theory of Personality. In an article, “Introduction to Cognitive Perspectives on Personality” updated last 21st of October the idea was presented that people are who they are because of the way they think, including how information is attended to, perceived, analyzed, interpreted, encoded and retrieved.

This clearly explained that what you think is what you are and what you will become. As what we believe in, positive energy attracts. If you think something good will happen there is a big possibility that it will.

The theory also give details  that as time passes by and because of what we have experienced we tend to have habitual patterns which develop into having our own prejudice or judgment on a certain things or beliefs.

 Given an example, this theory is compare as to a computer. It most often known as information processing model, you encode what you think.  Your attitude is what you are. Our personality is based on how we perceive, process and interpret information.

The often you use the first person pronoun “I” the often you take accountable with yourself. Cognitive Theory of Personality pointed out that, what matter is not what others think about you but this is about what you think of yourself. The information that surrounds you and the way you understand and comprehend it is the way you are. Your personality lies on what you see and how you interpret it.

The Cogito ergo sum (to sum it up) – I think therefore I am, or I think therefore my personality.