Clothing during the New Testament Times

Clothing during the New Testament Times

Clothing during the New Testament Times

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The New Testament era stretches from 41 CE to 96 CE. This era in the history of humankind depicts the Grecian fashion as one of the most prominent clothing styles during those times. Hence, it could be said that the fashion sense during those times wee more of an elegant styling and display of beauty. Generally speaking, despite the gibes of the ancient Greek satirists, stylishness was a much admired quality in a woman and one to which the ancient Greek woman devoted a great deal of time, effort, care, and attention. The elegance of the dresses also shows the social class that a person belongs to. This is the reason why it is very important for people of this era to modify their clothes according to their way of living and their personal identity concerning their status in life.

The Importance of the New Testament Fashion

            In a concise discussion, it could be noted that the clothing style of people during the era when the New Testament has been written was considered one f the most important part of a person’s life. This is the reason why in many illustrations that Jesus Christ has used to explain his principles of personal identity, he utilized the way people used to wear their clothes.

            As for example, the Pharisees and the Sadducees used to wear elegant clothes, which are expensive and are heavily embedded with golden ornaments above along the necklines and below the ending of the clothing, According to Jesus’ claims, this display of one’s means of living and position is a proud display of one’s political status in the society. This is the reason why unlike the said religious leaders, Jesus Christ urged his followers to dress in a way that they do not attract any attention at all. Hence, the one that would be attractive in them would be the words they say about the truth of the Gospel and not the falsely display of one’s status in the society while being directly in opposition to the righteous acts of a Christian servant.

            Hence, though the New Testament era encouraged elegant dressing among men and women of those times, the true Christians who followed Christ’s advice on being dressed in the ‘way of the Lord’ cold be easily noticed since they are set apart from the world by being simple yet clean in their appearance as individuals.


For the Christian woman, this could easily have overshadowed the emphasis that should have been given to spiritual qualities. That is why the apostle Peter rightly emphasizes that the most beautiful and important clothing a woman can wear is the secret person of the heart in the incorruptible apparel of the quiet and mild spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of God. Any woman who wears that style of personal inner adornment, along with clean, modest attire, will always be beautifully dressed, in a flawless and timeless fashion. Paul wrote to Timothy that he desires the women to adorn themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty and soundness of mind, not with styles of hair braiding and gold or pearls or very expensive garb, but in the way that befits women professing to reverence God, namely, through good works. Hence, by knowing this, the New Testament became a clear guide to Christians of today concerning the way they dress. It must then be observed that the personality of a person is easily detected by the way he dresses, which points out the need for one to be wise enough in choosing his outfit.


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