Cloud computing project for dot savvy company purpose

Cloud computing project for dot savvy company purpose

Cloud computing project for dot savvy company purpose

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The purpose of the project is to come up with an effective and reliable transition measure/tool to ensure there is a movement of Dot Savvy Company from relying on its own infrastructure to moving towards a larger and more effective infrastructure. The project outlines the benefits and the challenges that may occur due to its implementation. It seeks to put to paper the steps that need to be taken, the objectives that need to be met as well as the proposed solutions. The technology will be able to assist in reducing costs, maintaining sustainability as and ensuring there is less costs incurred.

1.1.Project Objectives

a)      To come up with a good cloud infrastructure service for Dot Savvy Company.

b)      To determine the cloud vendor provider for Dot Savvy Company.

c)      To come up with a successful plan for moving the operations to the cloud service.

d)     To provide an informative literature review on effective project management.

1.2.Research Hypothesis

An earlier research showed that (Harrison and Dennis 2004) several organizations in the world currently ascribe to the cloud computing technology. There are also several cloud vendors that exist in the global IT market at the moment. This include Google, uses Google Apps Engine, Amazon employs the EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing), Microsoft with Windows Azure, and many other organizations with several applications.

Dot Savvy Company also provide the cloud services in three ways: Hardware as a Service (Haas), Software as a Service (Software as a Service), and Data as a Service (DaaS). All these combined may form what we call Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

In our case , Dot Savvy Company needs to provide or get data as a service, use hardware as and software as a service inorder to cut down IT costs and also improve scalability. This will ensure there is sustainability in all the projects that Dot Savvy Company will come up with.


In the past especially in the 1980’s, there was the innovation of the client-server architecture , down from the mainframe technology.This enabled communication between the server and the client machines permitting more services to be shared and centralized. But this was common just within organizations, later with more advancement in internet technologies, there were development of more advanced servers and data sharing mechanisms.

In recent times, organizations are really searching for a model for delivery and consumption of information technology services which will in turn lead to provision of resources that are virtualized as well as scalable in a dynamic manner over the internet thus easening access remotely.There also need to set up systems so that users can be able to acquire and also release the resources that are on high demand whilst providing ready access to the data and further relegating the physical location and their exact parameters.

This has lead to the development and enhancement of the technology, cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a model whereby organizations or entreprises use resources and only pay for the resources they use which are provided by cloud computing vendors/providers. The cloud computing providers enable organizations to deliver applications in an online platform thus providing access from a web –service in a web browser while the servers store the data and the software.T he internet is really key in the success of this technology because it provides a good networks and sharing platform.

This offers a single point of access for all consumer needs and thus there needs to be service level agreements as well as quality of service requirements that need to be met inorder to assure the consumer that the cloud service is optimal. But for all IT managers , the projects that need to be be serviced by a cloud computing vendor need to support a business opportunity as well as save the orgaization on resources and costs. The project should be able to improve Dot Savvy Company’s performance. This should not lower the performance and risk its security and data availability. Otherwise , cloud computing offers lots of advantage in that organizations can reduce their expenditures very well by only paying for what they use rather than having big chunks of resources which they dont utilize optimumly. For instance, an organization is not tied up to buying big servers if the amount of information they are using leaves a lot of free server space. Instead, they can rent out the service to cloud vendors who will only charge them based on the volume of data they are using. In the long run, it is much cheaper to do this, but the main aspect in contention would be the security.

At this point one can be prompted to ask the two big questions

How will Dot Savvy Company be assured of their data security?
And also incase of data loss, is there a back-up mechanism in place?

2.1.Project Outline

Estimated Cost(in US Dollars)
Problem Analysis
IT  service managers
Three days
Requirements specification and analysis:Dot Savvy Company identifies what it needs to be in the cloud infrasructure
Two weeks
Research and Proposal writing to the most reliable and affordable cloud vendor:There needs to be ample research done to identify the most appropriate cloud vendor.`
Research personell
Three weeks
Design , and structure analysis implementation of what is to be put into the cloud system
Dot Savvy Company developers and the cloud service vendor developers
Five weeks
Cloud service testing to ensure the system is in the right design and functions appropriately
The cloud service testers
Three weeks
Signing of the service level agreements and QoS(Quality of Service)requirements.These are legal documents or contracts that show the agreements reached between the cloud vendor and Dot Savvy Company to avoid misunderstandings.
The legal representatives for both the cloud service vendor and Dot Savvy Company
Two days
Deployment,Implementation and Maintainance of the required service.
The clouds experts
One week

2.2.Expected outcomes

The outcomes of this project is to ensure that:

a)      There is optimal usage of cloud services within Dot Savvy Company.

b)      Reduced IT costs thus making the project sustainable in the long term and also scalable to meet increasing demands.

2.3.Measures of success

a)      Indicated levels of success in the testing phase.

b)      Good and positive reports from the customers.

c)      Optimal and Enhanced security levels. The company infrastructure in the cloud will be secured and they won’t be susceptible to attacks by hackers and there is a suficient back-up strategy in place. Authentification measures also put in place will always be correct.


Dot Savvy needs to ensure that all the services they have contains a back-up strategy. This brings assurance that in case of any data loss, there are mechanisms in place to ensure the data is easily reinstalled or retrieved.

There has also to be sensitization to the company customers so as to keep up with the change in the trends or in the way the company is moving to another technology. There needs to be sustainability tests in check to ensure there is good progress and that scalability is allowed.


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