Drugs In The Prison System Essay Research

Drugs In The Prison System Essay Research

Drugs In The Prison System Essay, Research Paper

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Drugs and Alcohol in the Untied State prison system

In the Untied States most of the prison population are people that have been involved with Alcohol or some signifier of drugs. Many of them were high or rummy at the clip of at that place arrest. Most of them merely did the offenses to be able to back up at that place drug and intoxicant dependence. There were non believing of the scrupless of there actions at the clip.

In most instances Alcohol play more of a function in the violent offenses so people on drugs. Alcohol has played a function in most of the colzas, slaying and larcenies so any other drug. Alcohol has been at the centre of things since the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s when it was banned in the Untied States. Many people fought to be able to imbibe intoxicant and the prohibition was lifted.

Since 1980 the prison population amoung Drug and Alcohol maltreaters as adult about 239 persent. There are 840,000 federal and province captives that need some sort of drug plan. Fewer so 150,000 have gotten any drug tre

atment before they were released from prison. Because of this an dismaying rate of captives released are arrested once more for some sort of drug or intoxicant relate offense and returned to prison.

judOn the intelligence we hear about mundane about another drug flop or person traveling back to prison for a drug related offense. Yet we don & # 8217 ; t seem to be able to come up with a solution. for this job. In prison there are more Drugs and Alcohol so there are on the streets. It seems to me that we need to look at the job and happen a better solution on covering with it. The manner that the tribunals are covering with this issue now does non look to be working.

If there are more Drugs and Alcohol in the prison system so on the outside why are we non making somthing about it. Prisoners have the right to intervention as does everyone else. But yet they are treated like castaway because they have been in problem with the jurisprudence. Who are we to judge. We need to take a expression at the job and happen out what the grounds are for the job. Alternatively of judging them.

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