Psycho Essay Research Paper Ryan McLeodComp Lit

Psycho Essay Research Paper Ryan McLeodComp Lit

Psycho Essay, Research Paper

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Ryan McLeod

Comp Lit 271

Psycho Response

Section AD

Bing the props/set interior decorator for the parlour scene in Psycho was a really challenging undertaking. Originally, tiring old Hitchcock wanted to set some stuffed birds in the Norman? s parlour, but lucky for me, and the movie, he was ill that twenty-four hours. I liked the thought of Bates being a animal stuffer in his trim clip, but I wanted to lucubrate on that thought a bit more. Alternatively of seting merely birds in the parlour, I decided to set images of embalmed organic structures on the wall, stuffed ape caputs, along with some feministic interior ornaments. The ground for the exposure of embalmed organic structures is to give non merely Marion a creepy feeling of what Norman is all about, but besides the audience. We learn subsequently in the movie that he has embalmed his female parent in the house so I thought that some images of Acts of the Apostless such as this would be appropriate, particularly for boding. The stuffed ape caputs is my favourite thought of mine over Hitchcock? s dense birds thought because an ape caput looks really similar to a human caput. Again, this would give the scene a ve

ry creepy feeling and offer to the audience that Norman Bates is not your average Joe. Anyone who would participate, or maybe practice stuffing heads of apes that look similar to a human head shows to the audience that they are unusual and seem to enjoy to preserve creatures, or mothers for that matter. Overall, to make the scene much more interesting, I decorated the room with flowered wall paper, baskets filled with potpourri, and other little ?womanish? things such as flowers and antique plates and spoons. Ultimately, Bates put these things in the parlor while he was in his mother?s state of mind, but the important thing is, is that the audience does not know he has two personalities and therefore would wonder why this man has stuffed ape heads, pictures of embalmed dead bodies that are curiously surrounded with ?Old Woman?-type wallpaper and decorations. Hitchcock was on to something with the birds idea, but I feel that my additions to mise-en-scene revolving around the parlor scene fit the image of Norman Bates more accurately and will ultimately make the film more interesting and the foreshadowing will be that much better to the audience.

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