To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

How Does Lee Make the Shooting of Tim Johnson Such a Tense and Exciting Moment in the Novel? At the beginning of Chapter 10 Jem and Scout are embarrassed of Atticus as he is untypical to the other work forces of Maycomb. Lee writes ‘our Father didn’t do anything. He worked in an office’ . Here she is set uping that Scout is ashamed as Atticus is opposite to the Fathers of Scout’s coevalss. Lee emphasizes Scout’s compunction towards Atticus for have oning spectacless. by composing. ‘besides that he wore spectacless.

He was about blind in his left oculus. ’ However. this is dry. demoing Scout’s naivete as Atticus has great moral bravery. Lee introduces the state of affairs of the huffy Canis familiaris. Tim Johnson descriptively. The gap sentence ‘Tim Johnson was progressing at a snail’s gait. but he was non playing or whiffing at foliage’ . first uses a metaphor to make a sense of slow motion. and the fact that he was non ‘playing or whiffing at foliage’ suggests that Tim Johnson is acting abnormally for a Canis familiaris. which arouses the readers wonder.

Lee’s description ‘he seemed dedicated to one class and motivated by an unseeable force’ includes the words ‘dedicated’ and ‘motivated’ which builds up and sense of expectancy. The simile ‘We could see him shudder like a Equus caballus casting flies’ indicates that Tim Johnson was traveling in an irregular vellication gesture and was really ill. The long. complex sentences of the debut physique suspense. Lee foreshadows the flood tide of the event through Heck Tate’s remark. ‘He’s far from dead. Jem. hasn’t got started yet. ’ The fact that the huffy Canis familiaris is really much alive and his decease is non anticipated yet creates a feeling of trepidation.

The phrase ‘what remained of his hapless head made him pause’ elicits some understanding for Tim Johnson as he has been involuntarily overrun by disease. but besides illustrates to the reader that the Canis familiaris is harmful as he is non moving out of pick and the hydrophobias are acquiring the better of him. When Heck hands a rifle to Atticus. Jem and Scout react with utmost daze by about conking which besides shocks the reader. This is because Atticus is non fond of guns and disapproves of contending. so the kids are taken by surprise when Heck asks their Father to hit with a gun.

The duologue between Atticus and Heck ‘Don’t merely stand at that place. Heck! ’ . ‘For God’s sake. Mr Finch. expression where he is! ’ includes speedy statements to increase gait and exclaiming Markss to increase urgency. The perennial shifting between characters creates imagery for the readers in a cinematic manner and creates tenseness. Equally good as this. the pressing duologue juxtaposed with the slow gait of Tim Johnson conveys peril in front. The sentence ‘Mr Tate about threw the rifle at Atticus’ creates tenseness about Atticus’ determination.

Lee follows up by composing ‘In a fog. Jem and I watched our Father’ which is opened with ‘in a fog’ to demo Jem and Scout’s clouded opinion about their Father and misbelief. The simile ‘I thought he moved like an submerged swimmer: clip had slowed to a nauseous crawl’ is used to dramatic consequence to detain the gait before the climatic events. Leading to the flood tide. Lee writes ‘Atticus pushed his spectacless to his brow ; they slipped down and he dropped them in the street’ utilizing repeat. with a listing of verbs ; ‘pushed’ . ‘slipped’ . ‘dropped’ which builds anxiousness and tenseness as to how the event will reason.

Mentioning to Tim Johnson. the short sentence ‘We saw his organic structure travel rigid’ additions gait and creates an alarming image. Lee’s sentence ‘movements so fleet they seemed simultaneous’ utilizations sibilance for dramatic consequence. Another short sentence ‘the rifle cracked’ engages the senses with onomatopoeia. Lee concludes with ‘he didn’t know what hit him’ a sudden stoping. as this determination and concluding act was non expected of Atticus. given Scout’s earlier reappraisal of him. The decision seems instead disconnected and unexpected of Atticus as Lee writes Scout’s abashed given about her male parent ; ‘Atticus was feeble’ .

Additionally. Lee wrote earlier ‘he was about blind in his left eye’ sing Atticus. which furthers our surprise as Atticus managed to kill Tim Johnson in a individual shooting without his spectacless. Lee displays here that Atticus contrasts with the stereotyped characters of Maycomb as he is loath to utilize guns. He does non expose brazen. foolhardy bravery like that of a typical Southern adult male. Lee wants the reader to see that moral bravery is more of import and harder to accomplish than physical bravery.